In my personal opinion, the legal world is one of the worst when it comes to achieving work/life balance. When I was in-house trial counsel for one company, my employer switched from in house to AWE (alternative work environment). AWE was perfect for me as 90% of my job was on the road. Instead of having to check in with my office everyday, I was able to just go directly to court or depositions. However, there were attorneys in my office who didn’t go on appearances and worked in the office everyday. AWE gave them the ability to work from home on selected days during the week. Big Law Firms seem to be a little bit slower in embracing the concept of AWE but I do not think that it is avoidable in today’s society.

Big news from the world of Biglaw — well, at least if you care about work/life balance, it seems one firm cares too. (To be clear, you should care about work/life balance. Even if you’re hardcore Biglaw4Lyfe and scoff at the notion you’d show even a hint of weakness, you never know when burnout or other…




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